This Story of Yours

Staging Andrea Breth
Stage Martin Zehetgruber Costumes Moidele Bickel Music Bert Wrede Dramaturgy Klaus Missbach

Nicholas Ofczarek Johnson Andrea Clausen Maureen Roland Koch Cartwright
August Diehl Baxter Benjamin Çabuk Jessard

John Hopkins three-act drama „Diese Geschichte von Ihnen„, in the original title „This Story of Yours“ premiered in 1968 at the London Royal Court Theater, already in 1969 followed by Peter Palitzsch the German premiere at the Staatstheater Stuttgart. This stage adaptation also served the subsequent film adaptation from 1973 under the title „The Offence“ or „His life in my power“ with Sean Connery.

In his drama, Hopkins tells the story of a policeman who, due to the pathological urge to put a criminal to death, brings to death a man whom he considers a child molester. Hopkins introduces Johnson, the policeman in the three acts in talks with the wife, the superintendent Cartwright, and in the flashback, to the victim Baxter.

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